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Suffolk Farm Fencing is a small family run business operating from Milner Rd on the Chilton Industrial Estate in Suffolk. We specialize in supplying machine rounded fence posts in various lengths and thickness which are ideal for tasks ranging from keeping the dog in to major fencing jobs such as cattle and security fencing. Due to our direct relationship with the forest sawmills in Scandinavia where the top quality slow grow timber in produced, we can offer these at very low prices as there are no middlemen and keep good stocks available. We offer a range of stock fence in various heights and thickness suitable for making gardens child or dog proof or fencing paddocks for horses, sheep or other animals. As we have the wire made for us and deal direct with the factory we can keep out prices very low. A major part of our range is chicken netting ranging from 90cm up to 180cm. Our price for these products are particularly competitive and we think you will find them hard to beat. Being an agricultural fencing company many of our customers require rabbit netting, which we offer at a very good price and of course can supply the posts and will gladly advise on sizes and the best way to construct a rabbit fence. We offer a good range of chain link fencing in heights from 90cm to 180cm. Chain link is used both as security fencing but is very simple to fix to existing fencing such as post and rail to make it stock or dog proofing. Again our direct relationship with the factory means out prices should be hard to beat. OPENING HOURS  -  8.30am - 5pm MONDAY TO FRIDAY SATURDAY 10am - 1pm PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS - EXCEPT BY ARRANGEMENT  We welcome your calls and will do our very best to advice and help you.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Suffolk farm fencing is a small family run business specialising in supplying machine rounded fence posts in various lengths and diameters at very low prices. Good stocks always available.

Our Products

  • Machine rounded fence posts
  • Dog, deer and stock fence
  • Post and rail fence
  • Chicken wire and rabbit netting
  • Barbed wire and plain wire
  • Mini sleepers

More Products

  • Euro fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Galvanised mesh fencing
  • PVC covered mesh
  • Fencing sundries and tools

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Square fence posts now in stock
Square fence posts now in stock
Now in stock: Square fence posts 100mm x 100mm x 2.4m – Green treated, £11.00 each inc. vat
A Post Post
A Post Post
Yes, we’ve got posts, big ones, little ones, tall ones, short ones. Posts to keep chickens in and posts ...