Chicken Netting Wire Netting


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Chicken Netting Wire Netting in 50m and 10m rolls from Suffolk Farm Fencing. Various heights and hole sizes are available, the wire thickness is 19G.

The traditional chicken wire has 50mm (2″) holes and as it says is good for chicken and larger bird runs. If you need something smaller we have a 25mm (1″) hole size which is much stronger than the 50mm version. Both of these sizes are available in different heights.

Rabbit Fencing

If you are looking for Rabbit Fencing then we also stock the 31mm hole size which comes in 105cm wide rolls.


Buying Rabbit fencing to fit to existing fencing, then support posts will not be needed. If you are going to erect the rabbit netting as a stand alone fence then this will need timber fencing stakes driven into the ground at about 4-5m centres. Larger diameter straining posts are required at ends and changes of direction, these will need to be complete with struts.

Lapped or buried?

There are two methods that you can use to make sure rabbits do not get under the fence. These are either to fold over at least 150mm of rabbit netting at ground level on the side of the fence where the rabbits are known to come from, or digging a trench 300mm deep and burying the netting into the trench.

Support Wires and Netting Clips

Wire netting cannot be strained so it must be fixed to a support wire or wires. Use a 2mm plain wire to support the netting. The netting is normally clipped to the support wire every 300mm using netting clips. If the netting is buried only one support wire is required, located at the top of the netting. If the netting is folded at the base another support wire will be required just above ground level.

Roll Sizes and Wire Gauges

Available in 50m rolls in heights of 1050m. Physical damage to your rabbit wire netting fence is a real and ever present danger. This can occur from mowers and strimmers, other wildlife (particularly badgers) can also make holes in the netting.

A Video on installation

is viewable here

Chicken Netting Wire Netting Installation posts

Suffolk Farm Fencing also stocks a variety of posts for you to install this type of fence with, 60mm, 75mm & 100mm diameter in lengths from 1.65m to 2.4m. Details here, along with straining wire and staples suitable for installing our Chicken Netting Wire Netting


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25mm hole 60cm x 50m, 25mm hole 90cm x 10m, 25mm hole 120cm x 10m, 25mm hole 90cm x 50m, 25mm hole 100cm x 10m Green PVC Covered, 25mm hole 120cm x 50m, 50mm hole 90cm x 50m, 50mm hole 120cm x 50m, 50mm hole 150cm x 50m, 50mm hole 180cm x 50m, Rabbit 105cm x 38mm x 50m


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