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Cleft Chestnut Fencing



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Cleft Chestnut Fencing with 3 rows of galvanised 2mm wire. Video here

Use it for dividing up or boundaries to a field. Paling joined through 3x Horizontal galvanised line wires, spaced approx’ 75-110mm apart. Weathered tips one end, flat the other to give a choice of appearance. Cleft Chestnut Fencing is maintenance free. A traditional agricultural fencing solution with many uses. It is  ideal for grazing different areas as it can be easily taken down and moved. Chestnut fencing is long lasting and will give many years service. Chestnut fencing is naturally tough and long lasting, with an attractive rustic look, suitable for homes and businesses alike. A chestnut paling fence is strong, durable and difficult to climb over, it will last for many years and is repairable if damaged. Quick to erect, it makes a versatile temporary or permanent fence, which can easily be moved, re-used or taken down and stored. Chestnut pale fencing is also used extensively for dune stabilisation as well as erosion protection and stabilisation of riverbanks.

It is available in 10m lengths 1.2m high.

Our range of posts to help installation are available here

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