Plain Wire and PVC Covered Wire Rolls


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Plain Wire and PVC Covered Wire Rolls from Suffolk Farm Fencing

We stock plain wire in 10kg rolls.

The 1.6mm is 636m long, the 2mm 406m and the 3mm 180m

The plain wire is usually used for topping a netting or stock wire fence but is also suitable for training fruit trees and bushes.

By planting trained trees in shapes such as espaliers, cordons and fans, you can fit apples, pears and more into the smallest of gardens. Either growing flat against a wall or fence, or as a garden divider or screen, trained fruit trees make an attractive feature. Despite being deciduous, they look good all year round, offering blossom in spring, delicious fruits and attractive foliage from summer to autumn, and dramatic shapes through the winter.

Trained trees can provide you with a surprisingly large crop in a small space and as the fruit should be in easy reach, you can pick it before it falls. You can buy trees ready-trained, mainly from specialist fruit nurseries, or train them yourself from scratch.

Single cordon

This is a single stem with short fruiting spurs evenly spaced along it. Prune in the summer, cutting sideshoots that are over 23cm long, back to three leaves from where the current season’s growth begins. Once it has reached the top wire, prune the leading shoot back to a leaf joint at the required height. Many fruits can be grown this way, including apples, cherries, plums and damsons.

Suffolk Farm Fencing also stocks fixings and tensioners for Plain Wire and PVC Covered Wire Rolls

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PLAIN WIRE 1.6mm 10kg 636m, PLAIN WIRE 2.00mm 10kg 406m, PLAIN WIRE 3mm 10kg 180m, Green PVC straining wire 76m, GREEN PVC straining wire 25m, Tying Wire 1.2mm x 50m


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