Galvanised Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Fencing 50mm x 50mm (2″ x 2″)



This is a 25m roll of heavy Galvanised Welded Wire Mesh fencing with 50mm (2 inch) square mesh. It is ideal for dog, otter, stock or security fencing or for child proofing the garden. It has been hot dip galvanised after welding for a long life. Wire gauge 14g


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Suffolk Farm Fencing offers this heavy weight 14g Galvanised Wire Mesh 50mm fencing. It is ideal for child, dog or other livestock proofing gardens, veg patches, nurseries, paddocks and small holdings. The galvanising will protect the wire to make a long lasting fence.

The tall 1.8m is ideal for keeping otters out of fisheries. If this is what you need then the top 30cm (12″) should be bent outwards, it will fold along one of the rows quite easily. This will stop them climbing over.

Also useful in the garden for dog proofing areas or supporting plants. If you need a lighter weight version of galvanised wire mesh this is available in 25mm and 38mm mesh size here. We also stock 25mm (1″) and 50mm (2″) PVC covered galvanised wire mesh.

Suffolk Farm Fencing carries a good stocks of these wire mesh products and the PVC covered galvanised versions.

The mesh size is 50mm square (2 inch) The galvanised wire is a heavy 12 gauge making the wire very strong. These are 25m rolls.

Our 50mm square (2 inch) Galvanised Wire Mesh is available in the following heights:

  • 90cm
  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 1.8m

Suffolk Farm Fencing also stocks a variety of posts to erect this fence with. 60mm, 75mm & 100mm diameter in lengths from 1.65m to 2.4m. Details here, along with straining wire and staples

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50mm x 50mm x 14g x 90cm x 25m, 50mm x 50mm x 14g x 120cm x 25m, 50mm x 50mm x 14g x 150cm x 25m, 50mm x 50mm x 14g x 180cm x 25m


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