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Patio gas from Calor

Is used for barbeques and patio heaters. Being propane it will work to a lower tempreture than Butane.

For leisure use such as caravanning and barbecuing, Calor retail butane, propane and Patio Gas (an alternative brand name for propane) cylinders, all of which come in a number of sizes. The Patio gas is often used on the decking in gardens for outdoor? heating.

Propane cylinders are orange in colour, Butane blue and Patio Gas green. Propane Gas will operate at a lower temperature. Butane is difficult to use below 5 degrees Centigrade.

The Propane cylinders all use the same screw in connector, the 4.5kg Butane has a screw on one, the rest of the Butane and Patio gas range has clip on type however the Butane are 21mm and the Patio gas 27mm. Lastly the automotive or forklift bottle has another different connector. This is used on it?s side (all other bottles should be kept upright) as the engine fuel system needs to draw the fuel off as a liquid instead of a gas.

A new Calor Lite cylinder, produced from lightweight steel, released in 2008, was targeted at the caravan market. These are in the process of being phased out by Calor so are only available intermittently.

Calor Gas Cylinders are rented to users in the first instance they are then swapped over when empty, paying just the refill charge.

Please call to check availability before ordering or traveling to collect.

We can deliver bottles to your home or place of work.

Calor also provides LPG for business customers from bulk tanks.

Calor Gas Bottles LPG are also known as Calor Gas cylinders.

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