Plant and Tree Stakes


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Plant Stakes & Tree Stakes are available in various sizes

40mm Diameter 1.8m

50mm Diameter 1.8m

60mm Diameter 1.65m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m

Easily cut to length and re pointed if required

We also stock tree ties and plain wire

Staking newly planted trees is necessary to prevent wind rock and movement of the roots. Movement can tear new roots, slowing down establishment. A newly planted tree will take a couple of years to anchor itself firmly in the soil.

Stake trees as soon as they are planted and replace stakes whenever they fail. Check stakes and ties every year to avoid tight tree ties damaging the stems and to replace any ties that have frayed or broken.

Once the tree can stand unsupported without bending or shifting in the ground, remove the stakes. This usually takes eighteen months to three years, but may be longer for semi-mature trees or ones on weak root stocks, such as dwarf apple trees.

Single stake

This is the standard method for staking bare-root trees, with the stake inserted before planting. For most trees: the stake should be one-third of the height of the tree. Stakes should be inserted on the side of the prevailing wind so that the tree is blown away from the stake.

Double stake

This is the standard method of staking container-grown and rootballed trees. Two or three stakes can be inserted opposite each other, or equally spaced around the tree outside the root ball, and secured to the trunk by long ties or a timber crossbar and tie.

An angled stake

This is used for planting trees on slopes. Driving in before or after planting at a 45 degree angle, leaning into the prevailing wind. Secure with a flexible tree tie.


Guying is particularly useful for large trees when transplanted. Secure strong wire to low stakes inserted at a 45 degree angle away from the tree. Prevent rubbing by covering the wire with rubber hosepipe where it is wrapped around the stem or branches of the tree.

This video gives advice on how to stake a tree

Please note that Plant Stakes & Tree Stakes are susceptible to shrinkage and expansion which can cause cracks. The posts will still perform correctly.

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