Ring Handled Gate Latches


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Ring Handled Gate Latches available from Suffolk Farm Fencing in plain and twisted ring types, various lengths.

The Ring Handled Gate Latches are finished in galvanised or black.

Also for fastening domestic gates we have Suffolk latches, hold back cabin hooks, padbolt and tower bolts of several sizes again in black or galvanised.

We also stock a range of T hinges in various sizes from 4″ (100mm) to 18″ (450mm)

Our Bolts Catches Hasps Hooks etc. are available in black and galvanised finishes.

Suffolk Latch fitting instructions

Place ring handle with latch horizontally on gate where required. Make sure latch overlaps gate frame by 40-50mm. Mark where spindle should go and drill a 12mm hole for spindle into gate.
Insert spindle into hole and into rear of each handle on each side of gate. Mark out holes for both handles on gate. Note: Spindle may need to be cut for gates less than 4 inches thick.
Remove handles with spindle and drill pilot holes for screws into gate. Replace handles with spindle and fix to gate using screws provided.
Slide keep over latch. Mark out holes for keep on gate.
Remove keep and drill pilot holes for screws into gate. Replace keep and fix to gate using screws provided.
Place keep plate on frame. Make sure latch rests horizontal and securely in keep. Mark out holes for keep plate on frame.
Remove keep plate and drill pilot holes for screws into frame. Replace keep plate and fix to frame using screws provided.

Should you require gates, gate posts and square posts we stock them all. Details here Square posts and gates here.

Also for the garden, tree ties, staples, nails and much more, details here.


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Pain ring, Twister ring


Black, Galvanised


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