Trotting Poles & Jump poles


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Customers can collect from CO10 2XG or it can be delivered locally by Suffolk Farm Fencing vehicles.?

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Trotting Poles & Jump poles from Suffolk Farm Fencing

Our wood 100mm (4″) jump poles are available in 3m (10′) lengths and our 75mm (3″) ones in 2.2m.

They are both pressure treated however we recommend painting them to prolong their life.

Please note that wooden poles are susceptible to shrinkage and expansion which can cause cracks. The poles will still perform correctly.

A video showing how to use Trotting Poles & Jump poles here

Please see here if you would like the poles delivering

Distances for Jumping Exercises

Distances in training depending on several factors: ?


  • The size of the fences

  • The horses? length of stride

  • The education of the horse

  • The rider?s ability to establish a good canter

All distances are for horses 15.2hh and over

Approaching in trot ? between poles



    • Trotting Poles ? Min 4 ft Max 5ft6

  • Place pole in front of fence ? Min 9 ft Max 10 ft

  • Place pole after fence ? Min 10 ft

Approaching in Canter ? between poles


  • Canter Poles ? Min 9 ft Max 11 ft

  • Place pole in front of fence ? Min 10ft Max 11ft

  • Place pole after fence ? Min 10ft Max 11ft

Approaching in Canter ? Between Poles


  • One stride ? Min 21ft Max 24.5ft

  • Two strides ? Min 33ft Max 36ft

  • Three strides ? Min 45ft Max 48ft

  • Four strides ? Min 57ft Max 60ft

  • Five strides ? Min 66ft Max 72ft

Between Bounce Fences


  • Min 10ft Max 12ft

Additional information

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75mm dia x 2.2m, 100mm dia x 3m


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