Fence Panels


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Custom sizes can be supplied, please contact us.


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Fence Panels

Our range covers the lap and close-boarded types.


  • Dip-Treated Softwood Construction

  • Sawn Timber

  • Heavy Duty Construction

The standard panels are 6′ (1.828m) wide and are available in heights of:


  • 90cm (apx 3′)

  • 120cm (apx 4′)

  • 150cm (apx 5′)

  • 180cm (apx 6′)

We can also supply custom width close boarded panels and gates to order, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Panels can be installed between either wood or concrete posts and put on top of wood or concrete gravel boards.

Usually the 4″ (100mm) size would be used if you choose wooden posts with fixing clips for ease of installation.

We stock a range of hardware for installing the panels, gates and posts as well as post mix and sockets to put wood posts in.

We recommend between 1 to 2 bags of post mix per post.

The close boards panels are also know as feather edge panels, and the laps are called Waney laps.

Our waney lap panels have five upright bars.

Our gates are available as 90cm wide by 177cm high. These are also of the close boarded style.

Hinges, hasps and catches for the close boarded gates are also in stock.

If you require trellis or picket fence panels these are also available.

You should consult local planning rules and property covenants before installing a new fence.

Local delivery is available for our Fence Panels & Gates for the garden.



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Waney 6' x 0.9m, Waney 6' x 1.2m, Waney 6' x 1.5m, Waney 6' x 1.8m, Close boarded panel 1.828m x 0.9m, Close boarded panel 1.828m x 1.2m, Close boarded panel 1.828m x 1.5m, Close boarded panel 1.828m x 1.65m, Close boarded panel 1.828m x 1.8m


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