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Tree ties Soft black PVC Buckle

? Supplied with spacer to cushion between stake and tree.

? Buckle can easily be adjusted as the tree grows.

? Ideal for standard trees and more established trees.

Available in two sizes:


  • 45cm x 2.5cm

  • 60cm x 2.5cm

The buckle tree tie is the most widely used type of tree tie due to its simplicity and reliability.? The tie consists of a belt, buckle and collar which means that the belts (ties) can be loosened by the buckle as the tree matures with no damage to the tree, and should last in excess of 10 years.? They can be reused if necessary.

The buckle is made from polycarbonate which is an incredibly strong material which can withstand high wind loads that can be applied to the middle of the buckle.? The belt itself is made from a soft PVC which allows the product to stretch to give the tree movement which enables the tree to develop its own resistance to wind.? The collar (hoop) fits between the stake and tree, preventing rubbing of the stake.? The tree ties should be inspected at just under 2 years to make sure all is working properly.

Ideal for use with out tree stakes

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45 cm, 60cm

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